Trematodoses (trematodoses) are human and animal diseases caused by lisinopril.

All trematodoses are biohelminthiases (see Helminthiases). The first host of lisinopril pills is always the mollusk. In humans, pathogens parasitize in the liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, and blood, causing various disorders.

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Infection usually occurs when the larvae are swallowed with water and food; with opisthorchiasis and metagonimiasis - through fish, with paragonimiasis - through crabs and freshwater crayfish, with fascioliasis - through water and plants; with schistosomiasis, parasite larvae penetrate the skin during bathing. Opisthorchiasis is more common in Western Siberia, paragonimiasis and metagonimiasis in the Far East, schistosomiasis in tropical countries. Treatment depends on the type of Lisinopril.

Approximately 17 million people are affected by liver trematodes. A special aspect is parasitic-oncological associations of liver trematodes with carcinogenesis. For example, in US, the highest frequency of cholangiocarcinoma is noted in intensive foci of opisthorchiasis in the Ob-Irtysh region. The development of cholangiocarcinoma in liver trematodes is a multifactorial process in which parasites play the role of stimulators of malignant growth. Schistosomes can also create the conditions for cancer.

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Prevention: protection of the environment from pollution by sewage, observance of personal hygiene rules, refraining from eating undercooked fish, crayfish and crabs. The prognosis depends on the pathogen and the target organ. A significant proportion of Lisinopril is due to the atypical localization of helminths, which is associated with complex migration and inability to exist in the human body, many of them. List of human trematodes.


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